Biometric Face ID Check: A Solution To Overcome The Risk Of Identity Fraud

The process of biometric face ID checks facilitates organizations with client identity verification. It empowers organisations to overcome prevailing fraud such as identity theft, data breaches, and financial scams. Biometric face ID verification utilises automated artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) mechanisms that provide real-time instant verification results. It enhances business security and keeps fraudsters away. The ratio of revenue for identity verification has been forecasted to increase from 4.63 billion to 18 billion U.S. dollars for the year 2017-2027. A biometric face ID check is the best solution to identify clients’ identities and prevent fraud. It provides an automated digital solution to detect spoofing attacks and protect organizations from future complexities. This blog post will explore the role and benefits of biometric face ID check solutions regarding identity verification processes.

How Does The Process of Biometric Face Verification Work?

Biometric face ID checks are there in facial scanners which identify users’ identity as per the following processes.

  • First of all, an individual has to face the camera, the image is captured and analyzed in 3D dimensions. Automatic AI and ML algorithms perform 3D depth analysis and detect variations.
  • AI and ML algorithms analyze facial expressions and convert them into digital form. These digital face prints are stored in electronic form.
  • Automatic face recognizers contain automated technology that processes internal AI mapping and performs various cross-matches. Thus an individual’s identity is verified systematically.
  • The entity involved in real-time face verification is cross-matched over the information provided in identity documents.

The identity verification process seems somehow lengthy but the face ID check process produces instant identity verification results. It involves digital technology which uses robust mechanisms of AI and ML technology.

What Are The Key Benefits Of Using Biometric Face ID Check Processes?

Companies use automated face ID check process as it enables organizations to have the following key benefits;


  • It enables organizations to have secure and reliable account registration, access, and verification of their clients. Additionally, it provides a powerful line of security against credential stuffing.
  • The use of AI and ML technology in face ID check verification enhances the process of client authentication and provides error-free instant results.
  • Companies using biometric face verification technology empower user satisfaction with automatic and frictionless identity verification processes.
  • Scanners used for facial recognition involve the use of robust mechanisms to have a 3D depth analysis of facial geometry. It may include the distance between eyes, length of nose, skin texture, contour of face, etc. All these features are analyzed digitally and stored in electronic databases for AI mapping.
  • The biometric photo ID verification process eliminates the risk of human errors made in manual procedures and provides security against fraud attempts.
  • Automation technology helps companies to enhance business scalability with remote client onboarding and 24/7 availability. It eliminates lengthy verification processes and provides time flexibility regarding business workflow.
  • It involves a biometric verification process that detects human features and processes them digitally. These unique biological features make an entity different from others and allow the organization to have legitimacy verification.


Automatic Face Check ID scanners are used to verify the following documents along with real-time face verification.

  • Bank statements
  • Credit card statements
  • Selfie verification
  • Utility bills
  • Vehicles License
  • Plate Number
  • Residence permits
  • Insurance statements
  • Tax documents
  • Payroll statements

How Does The Process Of Face ID Check Helps Organizations to Recognize Fraudsters?

Biometric face verification technology comprises automatic digital algorithms. These algorithms are very sharp to detect every kind of variation. Robust technology used in the face ID check process identifies every kind of fakeness and reveals clients’ identities. Many criminals use highly sophisticated techniques to generate fake IDs which they use to perform various illicit activities. Imposters create the following kinds of fake documents to access companies for illegal means.

●    Deep Fakes

Deep fakes refer to videos that are generated with AI technology. These fake videos cannot be detected through the human eye. Only robust and sharp pre-trained algorithms can identify deep fakes that criminals use.

●      Spoofed Images

Many imposters try to reach companies with fake IDs, they want to have access to data breaches and transactional fraud. They use falsified images generated with 3D technology and 3D masks that seem real and can only be detected through AI and ML algorithms.

Key Takeaways

The biometric face recognition process provides real-time identity verification and protects organizations from fraud attempts. Biometric face ID checks help companies identify fraudsters who use fake IDs, spoofed images, and deep fakes.  The process of face ID check provides an automatic solution with the help of AI and Ml technology which can provide instant results and verify clients’ identity. This process helps organizations enhance their scalability with error-free identity verification methods.

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